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Altered Destinies Series by Abby Blake
Book 1: Lost
Book 2: Runner
Book 3: Hidden

Altered Destinies 1
ISBN: 1610343883
March 2011
Siren Publishing Inc.
96 Pages
Erotic Romance; Romance; Ménage Everlasting Imprint
Rating: 4 Cups

Theresa has always known she was unusual. Soon she will come to see that what she thought was a mental illness is something completely different than her diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Caleb is ready to quit the traveling he does with the agency. He wants to settle down and have a relationship with that special someone.

Ethan may not love the travel he has to do with Caleb as part of his job, but as one of the more powerful empaths in the agency, he loves the chase and sense of accomplishment when the outcome is favorable.

When Theresa is kidnapped by someone she thinks she can trust, Caleb and Ethan hear her cry of distress. Finding a fellow telepathic person is mind-blowing enough for the two agents. But when they find out she is much more powerful than they realized and that she was stolen as a baby, they must piece the puzzle together before danger strikes again. Even as they get closer to the truth, the person responsible for the danger that she is in is getting closer and ready to strike when the agents least expect it.

I really like how Ms. Blake brings us this new and thrilling series that involves the elements of fantasy, paranormal, as well as a ton of heat. As Theresa, Caleb, and Ethan explore all of her powerful possibilities as well as their sensual sides, we really get to the heart of this tale. Lost is the beginning of the Altered Destinies Series and it is a good way to start the reader off. The ending left me intrigued enough that I want to see where Ms. Blake takes us from here.

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