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Cassandra Farbanks Series:

Book 1 Soul Market
Book 2 Lost Innocents
Book 3 Skin Thief
Book 4: Inhuman Heritage
Book 5: Silent Doll
Book 6: Deadly Sin

A Cassandra Fairbanks novel
ISBN #: 978-1-61572-159-7
August 2010
Eternal Press
Price Unavailable
257 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassandra is a witch who lives between two worlds: one in the day, and one at night. By day she is a college student, but as soon as the sun goes down her world shifts, and she lives her life as a witch.

Aram is a vampire. His brother is the leader of their kiss and he is second in command. People pay him to feed on them.

Someone is stealing children and apparently eating them. The PCU reluctantly calls Cassandra in to help then tells her to get lost. She is called in privately to find out what happened to another missing child and makes a connection between the two cases. Whether it be human or other, this monster must be stopped.

This is a very interesting and exciting story. The main character manages to live two different lives at the same time, not always successfully. Her college courses suffer due to her shift when the sun goes down, and her love life suffers because she can only see Magnus at night. She has to keep both lives separate and secret from the other. The author does a good job creating and describing the two worlds, and I really like the Cassandra character. The plot is surprisingly easy to follow despite the two worlds and numerous characters. The author could have done a little more research on the Roman Catholic religion; making one of its priests a married father is a pretty glaring error. I will definitely be checking out the first book in this series as well.

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