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Wolf Creek Series

Book 1 - Full Moon Mating
Book 2 - Just a Taste of Me
Book 3 - Tasty Treats Volume 3: Man to Man
Book 4 - Blood Prince
Book 5 - Love Always, Promise
Book 6 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Book 7 - Pretty Baby
Book 8 - Blood Contract

ISBN#: 1-60601-701-2
December 2009
Siren Publishing
134 Pages
Erotic Romance Vampires/Werewolves Alternative (M/M or F/F)
Rating: 5 cups

Ethan Brown is a werewolf and has become a part of the Wolf Creek Pack like his former alpha, Reece. When a sudden urge to enter a bar puts him face to face with his mate, he is ecstatic. But things do not turn out the way he plans.

Jason Dominick “JD” or “Jace” is a werewolf and is close friends with Sheriff Joe Nash, an enforcer with the Wolf Creek Pack. He was recently attacked by one of his brothers and stabbed with a silver knife, giving him silver poisoning.

When Ethan finds his mate in a local bar not long after he joins the Wolf Creek Pack, he could not be happier. When the man who calls himself Jace agrees to go home with him, it is all he can do not to do the happy dance. Their lovemaking is everything Ethan could have wished for, but then he wakes up and his mate is not in his apartment. Terrified that his mate could be hurt, he goes looking for him, even going so far as to contact Joe for help. Months go by, and it is only by chance that one day when Ethan does not come into the sheriff’s office for news, that Joe takes his friend JD with him to see how Ethan is doing. Of course when Ethan spots JD or Jace he is ecstatic. There is only one problem, Jace does not remember him or claiming him thanks to the silver poisoning, and he has been hiding the fact he prefers men from his family. He also plans to mate with a woman because his father does not tolerate gays and is very brutal. He denies Ethan, hurting him both emotionally and physically. Will JD be able to accept that he is gay and turn his back on his family and becoming alpha someday? Will he accept Ethan as his true mate, and help to heal him in the process? Only time will tell.

Love Always, Promise is a delightfully emotional story that tugs at your heart strings. I gobbled this story up in one sitting, reading long into the night to find out if these two were going to get their stuff together and become a couple or not. I enjoyed JD’s personality, even if he was a bit of a block head in the beginning, and I was especially gratified to discover that Ethan’s injury was not for the reason originally given at the beginning of the book. That almost would have been a deal breaker for me otherwise. I also loved Ethan’s strength and how he never really gave up even when it seemed he did. As always, the lovemaking is this book is scorching, but it is the emotions expressed that make it a true winner. If you have not read the Wolf Creek Pack series, I strongly urge you to go to Siren Publishing and get your copies today, you will not regret it!

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