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ISBN: 9781926950037
Nov 2010
Evernight Publishing
34 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sebastian Le Saux has mourned the loss of his beloved mortal lover, Eloise, for three hundred years. He has just found another woman who looks exactly like Eloise. Could she be?

Alexandra Wade is accosted late one Friday night on her way home from work. The tall, handsome man with a French accent seems to have mistaken her for someone else.

After a rocky start Alex and Sebastian spend the weekend getting much better acquainted. Sebastian realizes that, appearances aside, Alex is nothing like his lost Eloise. Meanwhile, another vampire is adamantly opposed to this new relationship, and Alex faces an unbearable ultimatum.

This story grabbed my interest and was entertaining. Sebastian is a domineering male who would probably be more at ease in an earlier era. Alex, though, is a modern, brave, self-assured woman and sometimes sparks fly as their relationship blossoms. A few times Sebastian almost crosses the line from persuasion to force and that made me uncomfortable. There are some unusual aspects to Ms Blackwell’s vamps that make this story different. The love scenes, in particular, take full advantage of those unusual aspects making Sebastian’s and Alex’s love play all the more sensual and arousing. This is sure to provide paranormal fans a bittersweet digression from the ordinary.

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