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ISBN# 9781445258812
January 2010
Paperback, E-book
$14.58, $4.39
60 pages
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 cups

Ben is a big guy with the big dream of finding love and having a family of his own. He is a great friend and a successful business owner, but when it comes to women, he is out of luck.

Lola is a sweet woman with a pretty face and figure. In a world where people are judged by what size clothes they wear, Lola is having a hard time overlooking Ben’s appearance, even though she is attracted to him.

All Ben wants is to fall in love with a decent woman, which sounds pretty easy considering he lives in a big city, owns his own coffee shop with females walking in and out all day, and is a member of a gym filled with women. So really, how hard is it for a big guy to find love when his size, his luck and even his own name are out to get him?

Whereas many romantic comedies have depicted women’s journey to finding true love, this book stands unique in shifting the attention to the men’s world for a change. I find the idea of peeling the layers of a man’s heart and mind quite interesting and refreshing. Ben’s journey to finding the woman of his dreams is touching enough to bring tears to your eyes and is funny enough to make you laugh out loud. In addition to the humor and the romance, this story successfully brushes over some controversial issues such as: our image-conscious society, people’s obsession with their bodies and failures, and men’s and women’s obsessions with each other. If it were not for the fact that Ben’s character remained flat throughout, this book would have easily scored a 4-cup rating.

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