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ISBN# (10) 9781942391110 / (13) 9781942391111
October 27, 2014
eTreasures Publishing
131 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

A chance meeting, and a surprise attack in an alley bring Marco de Medici, a Florentine nobleman, and Susanna d’Angelo, a midwife, into each other’s sphere. When Susanna’s life is threatened by two petty thieves, Marco comes to her rescue, becoming injured in the process.

Unable to leave the handsome stranger to die, Susanna takes him into her home and nurses him back to health. Little does she know that he is a de Medici. It was his family that was responsible for the wrongful arrest and execution of her beloved brother.

Despite the differences between them, Susanna and Marco cannot help falling in love. But Susanna feels compelled to turn Marco away, convinced that their obstacles can never be overcome. Marco, however, is not willing to accept this, and pursues Susanna single mindedly. He will have her for his wife, and the child she carries only solidifies his conviction that they are meant to be together.

I am torn. I gave this story four cups because the historical detail was absolutely amazing. Also, the love between Susanna and Marco pulled me into the story and kept me turning the pages to see how it would all work out for them. I would have given it five cups, but I found that large portions of story were skipped over. For example, when the dastardly Zumo was brought to his demise, I never got to read about it. It was mentioned almost as an afterthought. Susanna and Marco’s love story suffered the same treatment at times. I wanted to fall in love right along with them, but instead I was told they had fallen in love after days and even months had been skipped over. It felt a bit like a Greek drama, where all the action happens off stage. Overall, though, it was still a good read, and a good story.

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