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The Rose Harbor Inn Series

Book 1: Rose Harbor in Bloom
Book 2: The Inn at Rose Harbor
Book 3: Love Letters

A Rose Harbor Novel, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780553391138
August 12, 2014
Ballantine Books
Hard Cover
$26.00 US/$31.00 CAN
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

As each day goes by, Jo Marie Rose can feel the memories of her husband slowly beginning to fade, which makes her want to hold on to them even harder. Busying herself with the inn has been a great distraction from her grief, but lately there is a restlessness that she cannot seem to lose.

His past is not something Mark Taylor cares to think about, let alone discuss. Helping Jo Marie with whatever she needs done around the inn keeps him busy, although her persistent questions may mean it is time to move on once again.

The Rose Harbor Inn has a knack for healing broken hearts, yet Jo Marie fears that her most recent guests may be beyond help. Whatever is going on is really none of Jo Marie’s business, but she hopes the inn is able to work its magic. If only it would work with Mark. Jo Marie considers him a close friend, although it is beginning to feel like their friendship is mainly one-sided, and she does not know if it is worth it to keep trying.

Being married for such a short time and then losing her husband so tragically, it is no wonder Jo Marie is having a difficult time letting go. Losing the memory of his voice and the fading scent from his clothes must make the grief even harder to bear. So when she tries to distract herself by digging into Mark’s past, it is no wonder she crosses the line. It does however, make you want to come back for more to see if she and Mark can make their friendship work, and maybe develop it into something deeper.

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