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Book One
ISBN# 9780981307176
October 19, 2010
$ 14.95/2.99
420 Pages
Fiction, Fantasy, General
Rating 3 cups

Prince Temmin, Heir to the throne, moves to the City to learn from Teacher and is tempted by the Lover’s, a pair of embodiments of the Gods. If he follows his heart and goes to them, his father and many of the aristocracy will possibly lose power to the common public. Assassination attempts and his own confusion regarding his desire tear him in two directions while the story that Teacher and he read take him away to another world.

On the pages of the story, a Princess—cursed to be the plaything of anyone she encounters by the Traveler— encounters a Prince in hiding. Together they must weed through layers of political intrigue and the plotting brother of the Prince—who wants to be king. Will they manage to save their kingdoms and protect their growing love? Or will the chaos around them tear them apart?

As Temmin grows as a person because of the vibrant words on paper, the Lover’s—a brother and sister pair—tempt him with delicious pleasure beyond his previous comprehension. Will he be the king he dreams of, strong like Prince Warrin? Or will he follow in his father’s footsteps?

A complicated novel, this story has a story told within it. The characters and world building were rich and full as well as intriguing. Passion ran thick throughout this story, sometimes very graphically and in creative ways. The only real flaw was that the whole of it could have been tightened up to decrease in the confusion switching from the current characters to the ones in the story Temmin read about or perhaps broken into two stories rather than clustered into one.

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