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Love Bites Series

Book 1 - Love at First Stake
Book 2 - Love to Stake Another Day
Book 3 - Love Free Stake Hard
Book 4 - Lovers of the Lost Stake
Book 5 - Lovership of the Stake

Love Bites, Book 5
ISBN#: 9781612520674
August 2011
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
219 Pages
Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Joan Ravell found her first love, her soul mate and her absolute true love when she met Draken. When she thought he was gone, her world collapsed. Then he reappears and she begins to wonder if she hates him or loves him more for being alive.

Draken Ragul loves Joan, even though she can be a hardheaded vampire, he still admires her for being herself. He will go through great lengths to keep her safe.

After three thousand years of being a vampire, one thing is certain; Joan still loves Draken. She thought he was dead after killing people that were after her. What infuriated her was the fact she wanted to do the killing and he interceded. At first, she thought he could have been a traitor but knew deep down he would never betray her in any such manner. Even though vampires like to stay to themselves, after three thousand years of being one, she chooses to be a hermit. Still she has encountered lots of enemies. With the help of Draken, she will find the ones bent on destroying her family. When the vampire wars take a harsh turn, only time will tell if Draken can help stop the assassins or possibly break her heart again.

Lovership of the Stake is a witty, humorous story filled with explosive characters. Joan and Drake are refreshing as they encounter the little dilemmas they are challenged with daily. I loved the way they interacted when she discovered he was still alive. The dialogue is tight and wonderfully crafted to the point it was as if this reader were watching a live movie unfolding. Mr. Morgan depicts an action read, with some amusing and comical pits along the way. He pens a total package story to make it truly entertaining.

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