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Hart Clan Hybrids

Book 1: A Love Worth Biting For
Book 2: Love's a Witch

Hart Clan Hybrids Book 2
ISBN#: 9781619220935
24th June 2014
Samhain Publishing
208 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mary is on the run with her new clan. Not only is there a vampire wanting them dead, but now that her witchy powers are starting to show she needs to learn how to use them. It turns out strange future telling dreams are not all she is capable of.

Craig left his birth pack long ago. Now he is part of a hybrid clan and the two could not be further apart. Now his role is to protect Mary, but his emotions are too involved for that. Taking a magic powder, a gift from an old witch friend, helps keep his emotions and his wolf under control.

Discovering the witch that was going to help Mary is targeted for vampire slavery puts even more pressure on her to learn quickly. Mary's predictions show both mating auras and blood shed. But who's and when?

This is the second book in the series and appears to follow almost straight on from its predecessor, but stands alone well with enough information to continue with any further books in the series. I hope there is more to the series. Roxy Mews shows an amazing skill for both finishing and starting a story at the same time. With complicated characters who never quite do what you expect, but are as loyal as puppies. Just very protective vampire puppies.

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