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ISBN#: 9780986968280
October 2011
Rebecca J. Vickery Publishing
63 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Liam Cantwell and his squire take respite from their long journey in a small, remote hamlet. While supping in the common room of an inn, the knight is warned to beware the nearby forest, because a demon resides there.

Glamis Drui is cursed. Keeping to herself in the dark forest, she longs for companionship, but it seems she is doomed to her solitary life. Men foolish enough to trespass on her domain rarely escape her ravenous clutches.

When Sir Liam encounters the beautiful enchantress, he is overcome with desire for her and a need to protect the lovely maiden. Even though her eyes glow strangely red at times, he never fears her, for he has faced death many times before. She, in turn, is drawn to his purity and fearlessness. The story artfully weaves the tale of their sensuous attraction, while each of their pasts is slowly revealed. Happiness seems assured until Liam’s brother arrives with unexpected and unwelcome tidings.

I love the dark, gothic tone that complements the overall story so well. There is a mystical feel to the sensual encounters between Liam and Glamis that is poetic and inspiring. Occasionally, while reading, I encountered a few awkwardly constructed sentences, but I think that was, most likely, the author’s intent, given the medieval setting. More unsettling, for me, was the overuse of the word “strands.” Many appropriate synonyms could have been substituted to describe Glamis’s rich, lustrous hair, without sacrificing any of the tale’s tender beauty. I enjoyed this story; the gothic elements combined with the sweetly sensual, forbidden romance make this an engaging read.

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