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True Blood Mate Series

Book 1 - Heart Song
Book 2 - Alpha Born
Book 3 - Love Sexy
Book 4 - Redemption

True Blood Mate, Book 3
ISBN: 1-61034-429-4
March 2011
Siren Publishing
E Book
192 Pages
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

Would it be too much to ask that for just once in his life Love Star could find a man who can be a total dominant and yet respectful at the same time? Love knows he is a little quirky, what with the obsession with fuzzy ears and a tail, but he is no man’s doormat.

High maintenance does not work for beta Logan Stone. He has too much responsibility to his alpha and his clan to put up with a man who needs constant attention. The only problem is that is exactly the kind of man he is attracted to.

The gorgeous man with the incredible blue eyes and silky black hair is just what Logan does not need, but the unbelievable attraction can mean only one thing; he has found his mate. Love and Logan erupt in each other’s arms, but it is only after the fact that Logan finds out his mate is not quite what he expected. They have only a short time together before all hell breaks loose in the Stone compound, and the danger to both of their lives becomes very real and very imminent. Love and Logan are about to find out the hard way if their newly formed bond is strong enough to stand up to the test of hatred, prejudice, and trust.

The tests of the mating bond come fast and furious for Love and Logan and never let up. They may be polar opposites in personality and looks, but it only magnifies their attraction and their need for each other. Logan is a stable force in Love’s life, letting him be the man he needs and wants to be, while Logan is allowed the freedom to feel with his quirky little mate. They have so much fun teasing and loving each other you cannot help but enjoy their story.

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