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ISBN# (10) 1937844080/(13) 9781937844080
1 March 2013
Ellechor Publishing House, LLC
316 Pages
Christian Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dana feels highly stressed. It is her job to balance the church's finances, but there is not a lot to balance. Each time she tries to fix a problem, more begin to pile up. In the midst of everything, she feels a connection with Evan Johnson. Not only is she uncertain if she can open her heart again, but she does not know if the smooth-talking real-estate agent is sincere. She can only hope that God shows her the answers soon.

Evan likes Dana and enjoys her company. Even though he has been hurt in the past, he learns to guard himself behind a charming devil-may-care visage. Being near Dana makes him feel like he can trust her, and he wants to be with her. Unfortunately, as her life gets stressful. Because of her past hurts, he does not know if she will give him a shot.

The New Covenant Christian church has been the bedrock of Fair Haven. In fact, the church is what the town is founded on. But now people do not seem as interested in church anymore. Everyone is too busy or struggling in the rocky economy. Dana Rogers is the assistant to the pastor. She is struggling with the finances and with keeping hope. When Evan Johnson shows up, it looks like she may have a second chance at love, but she is not sure that she wants to take that chance. Plus, with all the problems she is having at work and with finding a new house, should she really try to start a relationship?

Dana is a hard working woman, trying her hardest not to feel lost. Even when things keep getting worse she keeps pushing forward. I like her strength of faith and determination. She is definitely a character you can relate to. She gets frustrated and grumpy, just like everyone else. Evan is also relatable. At first, he seems in control of everything, always polished and charming. But that is simply a front he uses to hide the more sensitive nice guy he really is. They both have been hurt. They both have a lot of faith. The best part is that they like each other and get along well. This is a very sweet romance, with an overriding theme about having hope and faith in yourself and others.

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