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ISBN#: 9781487402587
February 2015
Extasy Books, Inc.
120 Pages
Adult, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Autumn is all alone in the world and never fully engages with others. Between her depressing job and past betrayals she finds little to truly live for.

Micah has lived hundreds of years and never found one he could truly live for. He has only known pain but Autumn is a breath of fresh air in a world where true happiness is never achieved.

Autumn needs Micah and Micah needs Autumn, but can they ever achieve true happiness? They are connected by the past generations of Autumn's lineage. When the truth of who she is and what she means to Micah, can they learn live and love again?

Loved Shattered Heart is a beautiful while heart wrenching story of hearts and lives shattered and then reformed. The storyline is unique and truly engaging for the reader. There seemed to be more than a few editing errors but the talent of the author shines through.

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