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Lusty, Texas Collection

Book 1: Love Under Two Benedicts
Book 2: Love Under Two Wildcatters
Book 3: Love Under Two Honchos
Book 4: Love Under Two Flyboys
Book 5: Love Under Two Strong Men
Book 6: Love Under Two Navy Seals
Book 7: Love Under Two Kendalls

The Lusty, Texas Collection Book 3
ISBN#: 1610343182
February 2011
Siren Publishing
211 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary; Ménage a Trois; Western
Rating: 3 Cups

Josh Benedict used to be a mathematician and he still measures just about everything. He always weighs the pros and cons of a situation before making any decision, and is never hasty.

Alex Benedict may not be a math scholar like his brother, but he too likes lists. When they come up with the Legacy Project, they both go about writing down which attributes a woman should have that would make her their perfect wife.

Penelope Primrose considers herself a true environmental scientist. She believes that if a business wants to deal with items from the environment, the two can have a safe partnership as long as certain precautions are taken.

Penelope has heard about Lusty, Texas and how it was started since she was ten years old. When her grandmother’s best friend, Kate Benedict, hires her as an environmental consultant for Benedict Oil and Minerals, Penelope never expects to meet her two dream lovers in the boardroom. There is something about the sexy scientist that has Alex and Josh lusting after her in a way that neither has felt before. But when Penelope finds out about the Legacy Project, all of her insecurities about her mother abandoning her come rushing back. It will be up to Grandma Kate to set her two hardheaded grandsons on the right path to mending Penelope’s broken heart.

Love under Two Honchos is a sexy read as Alex and Josh show Penelope that having two lovers instead of one makes the heat in the bedroom twice as hot. Ms. Covington has used dilemmas from the real world to make up some of her conflicts within the novel. I did feel that there is not any real connection between the three characters in the beginning other than lust. It makes the first part of the book all about sex and nothing else. The romance part of the narrative did not develop until much later in the tale which finally gets down to the heart of the story. This is a sexy read with more heat than heart but one I did enjoy reading.

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