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ISBN: 9781595788085
April 2011
Liquid Silver Books
E Book
59 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Tiernan is a knight who got stuck with a really bad Fairy Godmother. After she almost gets him killed by a dragon, Fairy Godmother Naomi grants him a wish. What is his wish? To become a Fairy Godfather.

Reina is the very best Fairy Godmother, and she cannot stand that Naomi granted Tiernan this wish. Unfortunately for Reina, her boss has decided that Reina will be the one to train Tiernan in his new duties.

The Godmothers love having Tiernan in their midst, but not everyone is happy with the new Fairy Godfather. Reina wants to see him placed into a different section of the realm. The Elf King wants Tiernan returned to the moment before his wish was granted. A moment before his death would have occurred. Tiernan’s task is to grant his first ‘happily ever after,’ and Reina has to accompany him to prevent the Elf King from tampering with the case. All Tiernan has to do is grant Cinderella a ‘happily ever after’. Reina has a slight problem though. Her desire for Tiernan is growing moment by moment.

I fell for Tiernan from the first moment. He is such a flirtatious rogue, but also such a wonderful soul that you can forgive him. The story itself? Why, that was a breath of fresh air! I read a lot of fantastical books, but a romance about Fairy Godmothers was a new one for me. Every little girl wishes for a Fairy Godmother to make her dreams come true, so this one struck close to my heart. Ms. Monsch writes the characters in such a way that makes them feel real to the reader, yet with a touch of whimsy to keep the Fairy Godmothers on the pedestal they belong on. As someone who adores having a touch of fun and humor with my romance, I love ‘Loving a Fairy Godmother.’

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