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ISBN: 9781610405089
July 31, 2013
Torquere Press
323 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

As young as he is, Aiden Flemming knows what love and pain really are. He has felt enough of both to be absolutely sure what is in his heart and what it could cost him.

No matter how much he likes to party and hang with his crew, Samuel Riley lets nothing get in the way of what he cares about. His roommate is someone he will protect at any cost; the reasons for which he tries not to think about too deeply.

It is not easy being an obviously gay man on a college campus full of jocks and sorority sisters, but hiding who he is, is not Aiden's way. Loving his roommate Sammy, however, is something Aiden definitely keeps to himself, even though it is tearing him apart. Aiden eventually tries to divert his attention to someone else, which ends up being the worst and best thing that he could do. The campus is in an uproar with Aiden at the center of the chaos, yet through it all he holds on to the hope that he could possibly have a chance with the man of his dreams.

It is sickeningly scary how often young men like Aiden are threatened, humiliated, and abused just for the simple fact that they live and love unconventionally. Although this story is fictional, and Aiden more than capable of defending himself, it brings to life just how terrifying something as simple as love can be. Sammy, who is Aiden's opposite in so many ways, is truly a gentleman when it really counts. Love is a beautiful thing and this story has such a range of emotion and action it is nearly impossible to stop reading.

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