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Darkisle Series
Book 1- Heirs to Darkisle
Book 2 - Loving Two Vampires

Darkisle Book II
ISBN # 1-61034-031-0
November 2010
Siren Publishing, Inc.
$5.99/ $13.99
125 Pages
Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating 4 cups

Lindsay has a plan to infiltrate the mysterious lands north of Darkisle where she grew up and dissect the deviant behaviors of the vampire subculture. As a scientist, her curious mind has come up with many different possible reasons that normal people would chose to dress up like mythical monsters. Perhaps the subculture is based in sexual fantasy… What she did not expect was to be swept into a world beyond her imagining.

Gabriel is made more handsome somehow by the sadness that he wears like a cloak. His body tempts Lindsay even as that darkness that surrounds him drives her to find a way to bring him back to life.

Caine is arrogant and somewhat dangerous. Is this a façade to hide a guilt that has eaten at his soul for centuries or is he really as uncaring, while devastatingly attractive, as he at first seems?

Together they find the pinnacle of ecstasy while battling their own emotional baggage. Will her lies, told when she didn’t believe in the fantastic, destroy their newly found feelings? Or will they manage to come together and make a unit stronger than its three very independent pieces?

Dead and sexy are two very good words to describe the vampires in this erotic short story. Although the start was very slow and the subplot of Lindsay’s research not well supported, the story does pick up when the three characters are all on the page together. The tenderness between them is obvious, if not well explained and the passion is breathtaking. All in all a good read even if it could have been tightened up more.

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