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ISBN 1-59632-216-0
March 2006
Loose Id
Price: $5.99
193 Pages
Action Adventure
Rating: 5 Cups

Charlize Deseu, Charlie to her friends, is a tax attorney who has been collecting pertinent information to help in prosecuting The Outfit. The whole inexorable process has taken her four long years and after the verdict is read; all her jubilant joy quickly fades when she learns it is not completely over.

Brock Halen O’Bannon is eager to locate the whereabouts of his kidnapped friend, Danni. The flourishing boxer knows about the organization but this episode has pushed him over the edge. When he begins working closely with Charlie, he must prove he is trustworthy.

Danni is like a sister to Charlie and she intends on exposing The Outfit anyway she can.

Charlie is shocked to hear that her case is not finished. To make matters worse, Danni, a good friend, after vowing never to return to Ireland has packed her bags and left because of the criminal organization. Since Danni was doing an expose on The Outfit, she decides to go into hiding. With only one thing left to do, Charlie packs and heads to locate Danni only to find herself on a whirlwind ride filled with secretive and perilous men as she tries to gather the other missing information she needs to locate Danni and stop The Outfit. First, she must find someone to trust before time runs out. After meeting Brock, she has to trust her instincts whether he is friend or foe.

Shades of Doubt is an electrically charge read that keeps the reader in suspense until the end. It had me in awe with every page. The roller coaster ride that Charlie faces is mind-boggling. Kally Jo Surbeck lends emotions and strong characters in this story. She has penned a magnificent read with every element to satisfy the reader and I give it 5 cups.

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