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The Dominion Series 

Book 1: Lunacy and the Vampire
Book 2: Scar Tissue

Dominion, Book 1
ISBN# 9781771301251
September 2012
Evernight Publishing
224 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Luna lives in The Dominion, an immortal world within the human world. She has one goal, and it is to kill her demon vampire sire. However, it appears she has one more lesson to learn, which comes in the form of the blood suckers she hunts.

Aveon has no love for the life he has unwillingly received, so he does his best to do no harm. Now classified as an Abstainer, he looks to unite with those who once hunted his kind. Luna is one weakness he is unable to afford, but one he will never ignore.

The first meeting between Luna and Aveon ends poorly. The second is not turning out much better. Luna must put aside a lifetime of aversion and hate, to hunt for evil ones. Her destiny will lead to her future and her past.

Lunacy and the Vampire is filled with characters that evolve from the beginning of the story until the end. A true example of the other side of a coin, from hate to love and the fine line between may not stem the tide. I love the storyline and Luna’s pain is apparent with every word. The final battle and ending will take the reader’s breath away.

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