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ISBN# 9781907726996
Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd.
$4.84-USA/ $4.69-CAN/ £2.99-GBP
63 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Fang Fiend

She has a thing for fangs, and after a disastrous role-playing wardrobe malfunction with her girlfriend, she decides to find the real thing. She never expects to find not one but three gorgeous vampires, and they teach her all she wants and needs and craves to know about fangs.

This is one sexy story. I like how Ms. Lake incorporates a fetish in the tale. It makes this erotic story more fun. The clumsiness toward the end only makes the tale seem more realistic.

Fangs for the Holidays

Avery’s boyfriend, Jackson, is a vampire, but since her family happens to hate the fanged beasts, she has tried to keep her relationship a secret. When her sexy boyfriend demands she introduce him to her family, will she finally face the music or send him packing?

I love this tale. Not only does Ms. Rose tell a steamy hot read but she includes some very powerful emotions and complications. It makes the story more brilliant and adds extra oomph to it.

Tooth Fairy

Megan is helping her friend at a convention when an author comes up to her and starts a conversation. After a night of intense pleasure with the vampire, Megan finds she has not had enough and must find the vampire to get her kink fix once again.

Ms. Tripp knows how to keep the reader craving more. The way the story bounces from Megan herself to what she was reading in the novel was great. It adds moments of extra eroticism to this spicy tale. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

Escape into Darkness

Liana has been looking for someone special to care for. She finds it in the vampire, Devlin, who promises her everything she has ever desired.

Erotically charged, Ms. Rhoads has written a story that leaves you wanting to trade places with the lucky heroine. Not only are the voyeuristic scenes enticing, but the sex scene between Devlin and Liana are passionate and heartfelt. This is a beautiful tale full of sensuality.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Sasha is surprised when the stranger comes up to her and tells her he likes her poetry. Somehow she ends up following Byron home and gets to know the real man himself very intimately.

This is a sexy read. I did feel as if it were a little stranger than what I like, but it really seemed to add to the overall element of the story. Fulani makes vampirism seem elegant and wordy and bold and romantic.

Lust Bites Anthology takes five authors and has them spinning tales of vampirism in its sexiest form. Each story within the novel has its own uniqueness, even with the common denominator in the paranormal genre. Some are better written and more enticing than others. But overall, this novel will leave you deeply satisfied and happy to have picked it up.

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