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ISBN: 9781456524500-Print/ Unavailable-eBook
February 2011
Goodnight Publishing
Print/ eBook
$5.99-Print/ eBook$0.99
57 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Olivia Starr is a Succubus. She lives on sex.

Justin Sharpe is at an open mic night when he spots Olivia. From their first contact, their desire is electrifying.

Olivia wants to find a way to break the curse of being a Succubus. She thinks love will help but each time Olivia thinks she finds it; she ends up breaking her lover’s heart. Justin is different from the very first moment, and she soon finds herself falling down the same path with him as she has with all of her other lovers. Can Olivia find true love or will she once again realize that the love she was hoping for was nothing more than lust?

Love Lust is an amazing novel, full of sex …but so much more! I could practically feel the novel pulsating with the heart and soul that was put into this story as I read about Olivia’s emotional journey as she searched for a cure. We usually see Succubus’ as these creatures that get off on sex and while Olivia needs the lust to survive; somehow Ms. Scott has taken the book to a new height. She has added elements that give this erotic novel depth and make me want to stand up and cheer and shout to the world that this is the type of novel I love. A book with substance, one that packs a powerful punch and allows me to not only read this tale but allows me to feel as if I am emotionally attached to the storyline. I would like to thank Ms. Scott for sharing her wonderful talent with the world!

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