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Wolf Maiden Saga, Book 1
ISDN#: 9781625289803
August 20, 2013
Corvallis Press
282 pages
Paranormal Historical/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassia is a rare wolf maiden, born with the gift to heal all lycan wounds. Her true identity is kept a secret—for everyone else she is just a slave and an apprentice for a Master healer, Gaius. When she goes to market she meets Ulric, who makes her wolf maiden’s mark tingle, heralding that he might be her mate. Except Ulric is a slave, just one of many obstacles in the way of their love.

Ulric is an alpha lycan, forced to fight as a gladiator to keep the remnants of his pack safe. At first he believes his fierce growing attraction to Cassia is doomed since he can only mate with a wolf maiden. Once he learns the truth though, nothing will keep him from claiming her. Not his status as a slave, the unwanted attention of his owner’s dangerous wife, or the growing civil strife of Rome.

After a chariot accident, Macula, Ulric’s owner, brings his severely injured son, Lucius, to her to heal. If she fails her life will be forfeit and Ulric is left to kill her. Chancing exposure, she uses her power to heal Lucius’s grave wounds, furthering Ulric’s suspicions that she is more than just human. Regardless of having so many things in the way they are strongly drawn to each other, but will love be enough to overcome them?

Despite the well known werewolf myth, Gordon succeeds on putting her own unique twist. Employing this along with using a rarely used time period—ancient Rome--makes this a great read. She has a gift of using the right words and creating a story and characters that you love to love and hate. I would recommend this read to someone who enjoys a good romance, with the right amount of angst who wants a unique setting with the touch of paranormal. I definitely look forward to reading the other books in this series

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