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ISBN: Unavailable
Jan 2011
The Wild Rose Press
82 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jennifer Hart is seduced into a thrilling, intimate romp with Lucas Wilde, a man who easily sweeps her off her feet and into his bed, only to be rudely dismissed afterward in the most brutal manner imaginable.

A year ago, Lucas suffered a horrid ordeal. Bitten by the beautiful but malignant Serena, he discovered too late that the world is teeming with supernatural beings; creatures – some good, some evil - that live within an unsuspecting society.

Jen vows to stay far away from the infuriating and perplexing man, who seems to vacillate so wildly between emotional extremes. Lucas is torn. How can he protect the one woman he can love throughout eternity after alienating her in such a manner? How can he possibly entreat her to listen much less believe the unthinkable? With time running out and enemies fast encroaching, Lucas haltingly breaks the news to Jen that her life is forever changed.

I am amazed at the range of emotions I felt while reading this short novel. Jen’s humiliation made me want to cry right along with her. I, too, fell in love with Lucas even as he faced almost unbearable torment after realizing the grave error of his lusty, precipitous assignation with Jen; she who had so easily, unknowingly, beguiled him heart and soul. And yet, in spite of everything, the two are somehow compelled to embrace the destiny that awaits them. The world, as Ms. Maltezos envisions it, is a dark, dangerous maze liberally peppered with evil in many guises – evil that sometimes leers behind the beautiful countenance of a teasing temptress or pounces with tooth and claw to attack the innocent or unwary. This book is sure to please fans of paranormal romance everywhere.

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