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ISBN# 1-60088-048-7
September 2006
Cobblestone Press
210 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Kelly Greene is a practicing psychic who uses her abilities to help locate lost or kidnapped children. Her own son was kidnapped by his father eight years ago, and she safely rescued him. Now she reunites missing children with their parents.

Saxxon has been sent to locate and retrieve his brother Dain, who has escaped from their secret organization. Seriously wounded while apprehending him, Saxxon must now seek shelter to heal and live to complete his mission.

Kelly and Saxxon both meet up when they find that his brother has kidnapped a toddler. While Kelly saves the child, Saxxon tackles Dain, who attacks and injures him while escaping. Now he must find a way to survive and get help. Kelly finds him in her car and cannot justify letting him bleed to death. Tending him, she learns about his horrific past and why he is after his brother and is in trouble. Later she finds out that he is a werewolf, a member of the Lynx Clan.

The good guys are shape shifters, vampires, and demons; while the bad guys are Nazi ex-patriots heading up a group of assassins. It reminds us of the poor victims who were taken by force, experimented on, tortured, and even programmed. I liked this because it was not just about children, but how they grow up to be adults and what they have suffered and survived over the years. They say that what does not kill us makes us stronger, and you can feel this with Saxxon and Kelly. This is a very touching tale of two souls who happen to find their true mates and are given a chance at love. We also see the tender side of men, where they can show their emotions and not be afraid or ashamed of it.

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