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ISBN: 0-373-26560-3
April 2006
St. Martin’s Press, Incorporated
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010-7848 U.S.A
284 Pages
Price: $5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
Rating: 4 Cups

Ruth Willmarth, a dairy farmer in rural Vermont, has problems when the USDA confiscates her herd after an outbreak of mad cow disease causes a patients death. She is about to face her worse nightmare amidst hate, prejudiced and envy as she struggles to save a farm and her family.

Colm is Ruth’s lover, serves on the police force trying to find missing pieces of the puzzle.

Ritchie and Darren are relatives of Colm. Darren fills in as a herdsman on Ruth’s farm and brings his Irish family with him, his estranged brother Ritchie and his girlfriend, Nola, who has just undergone brain surgery.

Torney Leary is the worse of villains set on destruction.

Villains and pandemonium materialize in different forms while terrorizing in any way never considering the consequences. Nola, Ritchie and Darren find themselves in a dilemma after Ruth learns that Torney sold her calves that could have mad cow disease. When he uses an inheritance as a lever to control Nola, Ritchie, and Darren things spin into chaotic disorder. Nola refuses to stay for any tests wishing to get to her son before Torney can harm him so she leaves the hospital after a patient dies from Creutzfeldt Jekob disease. When Ritchie is found in a swamp strangled and Nola vanishes, sleuth Ruth and officer Colm rush against time to find answers and the killer.

Mad Cow Nightmare, mystery five in the series, is tightly written and takes center stage as a person becomes infected from the disease and dies. The character of Ruth is strong, determined and full of spontaneity as she seeks justice. Ms. Wright pens a remarkable read that comes straight from the headlines. Her exploration is thorough and her captivating characters make this page turner a hit in this well thought out mystery.

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