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Prequel to Shadowplay
ISBN: 1-61034-092-2
Jan 2011
Siren Publishing
372 pages
Fantasy Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Amalie has lived for an extraordinarily very long time, but most of her memory is gone. Her mind is slowly healing, as evidenced by the horrific flashes of past bloody battles that return sporadically, leaving her physically drained.

Nick has loved the beautiful Fae, Amalie for hundreds of years and twice already she has been ripped cruelly from his arms. This time he is more determined than ever to never lose her again.

As Amalie’s memory and powers re-awaken, old enemies and new locate her. Plots and plans are set in motion as her enemies gather against her. Amalie, Nick and their friends must devise a way to stop the growing canker. Furthermore, as she re-connects with her past, she discovers formidable powers, but can she learn to harness the destructive elements in time? As the poison spreads, the mortal realm teeters on the edge of annihilation and Texas is ground zero.

I was easily caught up in this thrilling fantasy adventure. I had to put it down three or four times in order to take care of a chore or run an errand, but I was always eager to get back to the book and immerse myself again into this alternate Texas. I love so many things about the story that it is difficult to narrow it down for purposes of this review. The banter between the characters absolutely sparkles – well-written, believable, at times touching, at times humorous. I love Nick’s devotion and loyalty to Amalie – he is her constant, steadfast anchor and abiding love. I love Amalie’s wit, sardonic humor, even her contrariness, but mostly, what appeals to me is her essential goodness. Despite the terrible things inflicted upon her - cruel attempts designed to mold and shape her into someone else’s ideal - she hangs on, she perseveres, and eventually she triumphs. I appreciate the fact that the novel is set here, in Texas, and many references amused me. Most especially, I like the strange little cat that decides to make its home with Amalie and Nick. This book easily stands on its own. It ends with a cliff hanger, but the conclusion for this installment seems natural. I am eager for more adventures, and I hope to find time to read Shadowplay, the book that started this series. This book is recommended for any age reader.

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