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ISBN#: 15555488 VOL.59-03SE
June 2009
Midnight Showcase
200 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassie’s luck is finally looking up. After mistakenly applying for a role in a porno movie, her car breaks down and then to make matters worse a trucker wants payment in trade for giving her a ride. To top it all off she is accosted by a Mexican gang hell bent on raping her for fun. Just when she begins to wonder just how much she must endure, her day turns around with her rescue by the spirit of the desert.

Don Coyote has no need for modern civilization. He has been happy in his nomadic life dedicated to helping those in need. Once he rescues Cassie she makes him crave so much more than a solitary existence.

Cassie needs to return to her city life with her daughter and mother. Don Coyote believes that the price of living in the city is the loss of one’s soul and he is not sure he is ready to pay that big of a price. Can two people from completely different worlds find a place they can both be happy?

All I can is, WOW! Don Coyote is the most unique character. The author used an amazing mix of innocence and sensuality that any woman would find appealing. The characters created by the author showcased the best and the worst of our world and left me feeling hope for all mankind. Magnificent Man is a compelling story that brings the characters to the reader and compels emotions for both Cassie and Don Coyote.

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