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Book 3 of The Double R 3 Series
ISBN#: 9781619266902
April 2012
Siren Publishing
334 Pages
Erotic Romance, Interracial, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 4 Cups

Maia Jensen is an artist and helps out on a ranch run by her sister’s husbands. She has been dating Thayne Malloy a fellow rancher and doctor. As attracted as Maia is to Thayne, when she meets his younger brother Cade, it is attraction times two!

Thayne Malloy is a medical doctor who uses his gifts to help heal his patients. He disapproves of his younger brother Cade working with the police to help solve murders in Los Angeles, but knows better than to say much to him about it. He is dating Maia an African American woman (not that he cares what color she is!) but he is hesitant about taking the relationship further.

Cade Malloy is burned out. He is tired of the dead bodies and the visions that go with them. All he wants to do is take a break, so he heads out to his brother’s ranch in Colorado to spend some time with his older sibling.

When Cade comes home to his brother’s ranch in Colorado he has no idea that of the evil that is coming. His first night at the ranch he has a vision where he sees his parents and they warn him of an evil that coming and how Maia is meant for not just Thayne, but Cade too. While Cade has no problem with a ménage, he knows his more staid older brother just might. While Maia has no intention of forcing Thayne into her and she finds out Cade’s fondest desires, there is no question that Maia is attracted to and cares deeply about both men. When the evil Cade and Thayne’s parents warned him about arrives on their doorstep, Thayne must work the most powerful magic he has ever tried before in order to save them all. With Cade and Maia spiritually linked to him, he is able to get them to a safe place, but what happens when they discover no place is safe from this evil? Will their bond allow them to defeat it?

Maia’s Magical Mates is true treat for the senses! I really enjoyed reading this story that has a bit of everything, a wonderful, loving, sexy threesome, Wiccan traditions and magic, cowboys and even the old west, though I will not say more about the last since it would spoil it for you. I got a real charge out of Maia and how independent and feisty she is, she comes across as a great friend, as well as, lover to the two men. The descriptions of magic and how it works and even Maia’s veganism were true to form and the extra detail and time taken to add this into the story gave it wonderful life and flavor. The love scenes were very well written and add definite spice to a story that would have been fantastic even were they not there. This is saying something because anyone can write some sex scenes and call it a story, but it takes a real master to write a book that has an actual storyline, but then has the added zing of well thought out and written love scenes. If you enjoy stories that have a bit of everything then I highly recommend Maia’s Magical Mates! I know I will be getting the other books in this series very soon!

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