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Spirit World Series
Book 1: Maison Plaisir

Book 1 of the Spirit World Series
ISBN: 9780857155221
April 2011
Total-E-Bound Publication
95 Pages
Erotica; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabelle “Belle” Beaumont had been to the establishment known as Maison Plaisir before and it had left an impression that had her running away. She is back now and ready to get the one thing she needs the most.

Armand Shah spots the beautiful human in his realm and wonders how she entered. As he draws closer to inspect the curious woman, Armand finds he wants her desperately and will go to whatever extreme to claim her as his own.

Hervé de Silvano allowed Armand to claim the woman he wanted as his own. When he sees Belle and Armand together, Hervé knows that she is the one for him and he refuses to give up the succulent female like he did the last time.

Belle is not used to having a man try to seduce her, much less have two men fight over her like she is their favorite tasty treat. She experiences passion and an aching need from both Armand and Hervé which is something she has never felt before. But there are people who do not want Belle to be happy with anyone, unless of their choosing, and she soon finds herself in danger. Can Armand and Hervé put aside their differences to save the woman they have both come to love?

This sensual tale told by Ms. Lee is hot and full of erotic moments. I like how Maison Plaisir includes the elements of sex, fantasy, and danger. I wish there could have been more scenes of how Hervé and Armand resolved their issue of sharing. I like the way Armand is the softer lover while Hervé is the type of lover who uses more of the BDSM elements. This is the first novel in the series and I am looking forward to seeing where the series develops from here.

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