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The Cocktail Series

Book 1: Wallbanger
Book 2: Rusty Nailed
Book 3: Screwdrivered
Book 4: Mai Tai’d Up
Book 5: Last Call

The Cocktail Series, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781476766713
December 2, 2014
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $18.00 CAN
254 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The wedding that never happened is a huge weight lifted from Chloe Patterson’s shoulders. It almost feels like she can do anything, and that anything is going to start right now.

Hard work is the best antidote Lucas Campbell has found for a broken heart. If he stays busy he does not have to think about how mad he is at his ex-fiancée.

Opening a rescue for pit-bulls is the exact opposite of what life would have been like with Charles, and yet Chloe could not be happier. Now she gets to wake up every morning to a job she loves, a home that is retro crazy, and a life that does not involve luncheons and tea parties. Lucas happily volunteers his veterinarian skills anytime Chloe needs him, but it is their friendship he values the most. They are both recently out of relationships with no business looking for another, although they are finding it harder and harder to keep things on a friend’s only basis.

A steamroller could not be more effective than Chloe’s mother, so it is no wonder the poor girl finally cracks. It is great however to see her come into her own; and with only marginal help, but lots of support from Lucas. I love that they are so close, actually growing a true friendship, long before they progress to anything more. This is a delightfully witty read that also delivers a truly sincere and heartfelt storyline.

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