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Reigning Men Series

Book 1: Male Order
Book 2: Male Review

Reigning Men, Volume One
ISBN: 9781595788658
September 2011
Liquid Silver Books
111 Pages
Contemporary/ RomCom
Rating: 3 Cups

Meg knows that when it comes to sex she has a few quirks. But with an interesting and zany family who encompasses both ends of the sexual spectrum, who can blame her?

Sam has fantasized about Meg for quite a while now. He would like nothing more than to get his roommate alone long enough to show her what a true bucking stallion feels like.

When Meg finally agrees to try sex with Sam, she does not actually expect to enjoy it. Her G-spot was virgin territory until the hot cowboy got a hold of her and showed her that with the right touch, she can enjoy the “big O” like everyone else can. Suddenly, Meg’s sex life does not seem so depressing and her one night of passion soon turns into days. But when another man enters the picture, will she choose to stay with Sam, or go with the man bent on seducing her away from her current lover?

Male Order certainly explores the sexual world. I enjoyed Meg’s character as well as the issues she has with her sexual relationship with Sam. But I have to say that when it came to Sam, some of his dialogue left me flat. Ms. Grant’s tale of roommates-turned-lovers has some funny anecdotes and original circumstances in it that told me her quality of writing is good. I think certain members of the reading community will find that this book hits their funny bone just right.

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