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Reigning Men Series

Book 1: Male Order
Book 2: Male Review

Reigning Men, Book 2
ISBN# 9781595789228
May 2012
Liquid Silver Books
124 Pages
Romantic Comedy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Meg is in love and finally in a situation where she can make love to her sexy man any time she wants. Now, her crazy relatives are moving in and she has to fight to touch her man in their home.

Sam has Meg right where he wants her…in his bed. He should actually say it in the past tense, because with her relatives moving in, he has to be creative about getting with his girl.

Aunt Maud is described as eccentric at best and crazy at worst. Meg’s best friend enlists their frisky geriatric with a criminal record into investing in a male strip club. Meg and Sam’s lives together have jumped off the track and are now headed for crazy ville.

Phew! Ms. Grant takes my breath away. I have taken so long reading this because I have had to stop and wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes, not to mention the need to take my breath several times after reading about Aunt Maud. She is one frisky lady, not ready to join the other zombies her age. I highly recommend Male Review for a good laugh, but keep the tissue handy because you will need to wipe the tears of joy.

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