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ISBN# 978-1-77130-115-2
August 24, 2012
Evernight Publishing
217 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Dr. Malcolm Fowlkes has just learned that in order for him to get his inheritance from his father, he must follow the rules of the will. He must marry in order to collect the money. Going to his friends to help him find a bride will, hopefully, be the answer to finding a compatible bride in such a short time.

When Caroline Mathers is told about Malcom’s dilemma, she thinks it just might be what she needs and agrees to marry him. But her reasons are much different than Malcom’s; she wants a baby and feels he will be a great choice as a father.

Although an inconvenient start to a marriage, it seems that the attraction between Malcom and Caroline is instant. Even as their feelings change they find there are many things that were never said and problems arise that may end this marriage of convenience.

I must say I was excited to start reading Marriage of Convenience, but am truly disappointed. I think the concept of the story is well worth reading but to me the story focused more on the sex between Malcom and Caroline than the actual storyline. I must say that, although I did not enjoy the book, use your own judgment on whether you will Marriage of Convenience by Ms. Cole.

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