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By Moonlight Series

Book 1: Masked by Moonlight
Book 2: Chased by Moonlight
Book 3: Captured by Moonlight
Book 4: Bound by Moonlight
Book 5: Hunter of Shadows
Book 6: Seeker of Shadows

Interview: 2012

Shape-shifter series, book 1
ISBN: 9781439149638-Paperback/ 9781439155400-eBook
May 25, 2010
Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Paperback/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $9.99-CAN-Paperback/ $6.99-eBook
384 Pages-Paperback/ 400 Pages-eBook
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Charlotte Caissie is a hard-edged detective working the New Orleans homicide division. You cannot work this mystical city without seeing some unusual and unexplainable things.

Max Savoie is Jimmy Legere’s go-to guy when something needs to be taken care of. Though he works for the mob, there is something about the sexy detective that has him wanting to get to know her more.

When a gruesome murder sends Charlotte and her partner to Jimmy’s door, it is Max who ends up catching the detective’s interest. As the murders continue to escalate, more clues are found that lead not to answers but to more questions. What begins as a way to get into Jimmy’s household through Max becomes so much more for Charlotte as her feelings become involved. Can these two find love or is it impossible for someone on the right side of the law to love someone on the wrong side of the law?

If you were to mix Romeo & Juliet with Beauty and the Beast you would end up with Masked by Moonlight. Romeo-Beast would be Max, Juliet-Beauty would be Charlotte, and the controversial families would be the Mob versus the Police Department. Like the great Shakespearean tragedy, Nancy Gideon uses humongous obstacles and unfathomable problems to make this an outstanding story with mega conflicts. The sexual chemistry sizzles on the pages, and all the while you read, you are wondering what will happen to these two strong-willed characters who are built with steel backbones. This is one tale you will not want to miss, and I cannot wait for the next book in this outstanding series!

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