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ISBN: 1619359308 / 9781619359307
November 17, 2014 & September 17, 2015
Soul Mate Publishing
E-Book / Hard Cover
$2.99 / $11.99
208 Pages
Science Fiction, Mystery
Rating: 2 Cups

A decade of agony is finally coming to an end for Mark Holliday. After losing the love of his life so many years ago, it is time for closure.

The renowned Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Carolyn Marcus is struggling to comprehend how this could happen. Waking up after ten years of oblivion is terrifying, especially when instinct tells her that she is still in danger.

Mark is completely overjoyed to have Carolyn back in his life. What scares him most, however, is that the threat to her life is very real. Carolyn is extremely lucky the cryopreservation did not leave her with any serious complications, although that seems to be the least of her worries. Her work at the Delacore Cryonics Institute is highly valuable, and it looks like someone else wants all the credit.

There is, in my opinion, a limit to how much descriptive narrative a story needs. Sadly, this book far exceeds this to explain character personalities, as well as plot line. The result is an amateurishly written mystery with far too many disjointed side jaunts into secondary character’s lives. I am sorry to say this story, in its present state, is inane and excessive.

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