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Delta Wolf Series
Book 1 - Chameleon Wolf
Book 2 - Matings Games

Book 2 in the Delta Wolf Series
ISBN#: 1-60601-865-5
June 2010
Siren Publishing
120 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre,Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Sebastian is a delta wolf, a werewolf that can turn invisible on command. This makes him ideal to be an enforcer for his pack. The downside is he and others like him always have to live on the fringes of pack life because other wolves, except for his mates and other alphas and betas, go crazy with lust at just his scent. That is why Sebastian and his friends have formed their own pack for deltas and delta mates.

Dobry is human and has been in the clutches of an insane alpha for over a month. He has decided all werewolves are bad news and just wants to get away from the physical, emotional and sexual abuse he has suffered at the hands of werewolves.

Alastar is a vampire and is not treated well by his coven because he is an orphan and does not come from the right family. When he gets sent on an errand by his coven leader, he smells the most luscious scent on earth, his mates.

When Sabastian is sent by the council to check out rumors that an alpha is holding a human hostage, he makes a serious error in judgment and finds himself thrown in with Dobry, the human in question. It is not long before Sebastian realizes that Dobry is his mate. Initially because of the abuse Dobry is not too keen on the idea, but Sebastian grows on him pretty quickly once Dobry realizes he is a good man. However, when Alastar, a vampire, arrives to rescue the pair, it is Sebastian having doubts. Sebastian’s father was killed by a vampire when he was young and his first inclination is not to trust any vampire. Fortunately, it does not take the trio long to discover they want to be together, the only problem is the crazy alpha has no intention of letting them get away and dreams of keeping Dobry and having two delta wolves under his control. Will the trio be able to get away and make their mutual dreams of a home and family come true as they begin to fall in love with each other? Or will the alpha have his day?

Mating Games was every bit as good as the first book in this series, Chameleon Wolf, and I cannot wait for new books in this series! I thought the dynamics between these three was very interesting, and it was fun to watch as they overcame whatever differences they might have had in the beginning. There was plenty of tension and the very real possibility of Sebastian rejecting Alastar because he was a vampire was well played. The sex when it occurred was hotter than the fourth of the July, and this reviewer definitely had a few singed eyebrows from reading too close to the screen! If you love hot stories with alpha male mates, and smaller, but totally hot and cute mates, then you definitely do not want to miss a single book in the Delta Wolf Series! This book was wonderful, and I cannot recommend it enough!

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