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ISBN#: 1-60601-975-9
September 2010
Siren Publishing
186 Pages
Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Nix is an elf and a princess who has just been promised in marriage to her father’s advisor. Since the man gives her the creeps, she has decided she is going to have one last fling with a human.

Cort and Boone are best friends who occasionally share the same woman. When they meet Nix, they have no problem giving her what she wants.

When Nix walks into a bar thinking she is going to find one human to have a night of hot monkey sex with, she has no intention of it being anything else. While she gets the night of hot monkey sex, the two men she snags for the night also turn out to be her mates. As if that is not bad enough, the men have left her in the motel room, and she has no way to find them. Fortunately for her, when the two men are sent out on a secret ops mission to observe a research facility, they find Nix being herded from a car against her will and screaming bloody murder. Imagine their surprise when they turn furry and take out the men who are hurting her. While the trio did not intend to have a relationship with each other, it is not long before it becomes apparent that fate has taken the choice away from them. Discovering Nix is an elf and a princess, and they are now werewolves, oh, and their boss is a werewolf, too, takes a little getting used to for Cort and Boone. However, that is only one of their problems, someone is kidnapping others and doing experiments on them, and many of those others are disappearing never to be seen again. Will Cort and Boone be able to keep their princess safe or will her arch enemy the evil advisor win?

Woo hoo! Ms. Glenn never disappoints and she sure outdid herself with this one! I loved Mating Heat and the fact that she snuck some m/m lovin’ in there to boot just made my day. Nix is so much more than a princess, and the reader can easily relate to her and her concerns for her people. The idea of secret sanctuaries in the world just for others or “other than human” really piqued my interest. I am hoping Ms. Glenn does a story about Dane (hint, hint) because I would really love to see that man get his comeuppance! Boone with his tender heart and emotions really makes this story special as well, and this was shown in a very satisfactory way in the story. So, here is to hoping that we are going to see some more stories in this universe in the near future. You definitely want to add this one to your to be read list!

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