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ISBN: 978-1-59578-953-2
July 16, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
51 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Shila, who is a child of Nanook, a giant frost bear shifter, is on the run. While fleeing she finds help in a protector from an unexpected source. This source is a “one skin”, a human, and has blunt manners, a big body, and a sexy growl that she likes a lot. Will he be enough to keep her safe from what she is escaping?

Koll is looking for a woman of his own who will accept all of him, including his large size and abrupt manners. After trying at one more village he admits defeat and starts home, but finds Shila on the way. He will deal with her by saying that she is a shifter with trouble on her trail because he has decided that she was made for him.

What she is fleeing is a mating that two shifters want to force onto her. Despite the fact he is not a shifter, he has promised to protect her anyway. Even though Koll is not of her kind she has to rely on him. They have started to care about each other, but will he be able to save her to keep them together?

I liked reading this. It was an interlude where I could indulge myself with an entertaining, quick, and hot love story. It has a yummy laconic alpha male, a strong woman in need of saving, and love scenes which are hot. Despite the fact they both do not talk much, their interactions are intense and meaningful. I was not suffocated with details about the author’s new world; I was given enough to be “in the know” and was able to enjoy the story.

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