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ISBN #: 978-1-60394-443-4
July 2010
New Concepts Publishing
225 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Intergalactic bounty hunter, Samantha Mallory Cassidy, shies away from her psychic abilities, much preferring to use her physical abilities to kick butt and bring criminals to justice. Her twin sister, Charlotte, perfected their shared gifts and leaves Samantha to the family business. She is as tough as any man, and the only thing more important than her job is her family and small crew.

Family is also everything to Devlin, an intergalactic crime lord on the brink of war. For years Lord Devlin has had strong feelings for Samantha, trading sexual innuendos and barbed comments, but it has never led to anything. When she asks for his help, he cannot deny her.

The Matriarch of a ruthless Intergalactic Triad has nefarious plans for Samantha's niece, Rory. The teen is kidnapped to implement the Triad's plans. Samantha and her older sister, Johanna, along with their husbands, who just happen to be brothers and their partner, Veronica, and her husband do not hesitate to come to the young girl's aid. Samantha will stop at nothing to rescue her niece even if it means getting help from her psychic sister or Lord Devlin, a man who could be an enemy or her greatest ally.

Marly Mathews embarks upon another fantasy adventure starring Samantha Mallory Cassidy, the courageous and resilient fugitive chaser. If you enjoyed the first in the series be sure to pick this one up. I suggest you read the previous undertaking first. This is a complex story full of interesting characters and a myriad of twists and turns. I enjoyed the fact that all of the spaceships had female artificial intelligence holograms. I enjoyed the "girl power" feeling of this story. Samantha is a wonderfully strong female lead. The action is constant and constantly changing. The ending was definitely a surprise and leaves the field wide open for new exploits.

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