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ISBN #: 978-0-312-30378-5
September 2010
St. Martin’s Press
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Andie is a high school English teacher and a bit of a free spirit. She has not been able to settle down since her divorce. She is almost engaged to a wonderful man but must tie up some loose ends before she can move on.

North is a successful attorney from a prominent family. He is reliable and methodical except for his spontaneous marriage to Andie.

North Archer is responsible for the welfare of his two young cousins at the haunted Archer House. The latest nanny has just quit, and he needs a responsible person there fast. Coincidentally, his ex-wife shows up for the first time in ten years to return all the alimony checks he sent her. North sees an opportunity for a second chance and convinces her to put off her plans for a month to take care of his young cousins. Sounds simple, but that was without considering a dishonest housekeeper, two traumatized children, three ghosts, his flighty brother, said brother’s ambitious and sneaky journalist girlfriend, and Andie’s would be fiancé’s refusal to be dumped.

It has been too long since Ms Crusie’s last solo book, and this is worth waiting for. The characters are slightly bizarre but believable, and her descriptions of the less likable ones are hysterical. Describing the journalist as “all teeth and hair” gave me a great word picture. The dialog is witty, fast paced and filled with humor. I loved the unlikely pairing of Andy and North, they are so different but complement each other beautifully and have some scorching sexual chemistry. The plot is really well thought out and this book is just impossible to put down. My family really annoyed me by interrupting me wanting food and asking me if I was ever going to go to bed.

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