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ISBN#: 978-0-9800146-9-3
January 2008
Mystic Moon Press
eBook / Paperback
$6.00 USD / $15.99
437 Pages
Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel, Crime
Rating: 3 Cups

Elizabeth Carr and Kimberly Henson have been best friends and roommates off and on ever since their days at the University of Texas in Austin. They shared a common interest in the supernatural and both have an abundance of extrasensory perception, a gift that gets them into as much trouble as it does adventure.

John Carter is a film legend who enlists Liz and Kim to help heal a haunted house owned by another film star, Betty Tatum. The house, known as McCann’s Manor after its builder Benjamin McCann, will become the property of whoever manages to heal it. John convinces Liz and Kim to move into the house and to try and cleanse it of the evil spirits.

The more time Liz and Kim spend in McCann’s Manor, they more they learn about the house and its inhabitants, both living and dead. They quickly realize that this is unlike anything they have ever encountered before and that all their skills and talents may not be enough to protect them. Will the old manor and its secrets prove to be too much for Liz and Kim?

McCann’s Manor is filled with some likeable characters and is wonderfully written in spots. However in my opinion the book tries to be too many things and as a result fails to live up to its potential. The multi-genre nature of this novel should, and in some cases does, lift it above your run-of-the-mill fantasy romance novel. Unfortunately it also drags it down, as if the author could not decide what type of novel she wanted to write. Angels, evil entities (demons?), ghosts, travel through time and space, and even UFO’s abound in this novel, leaving the reader wishing for a shorter and more tightly woven story.

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