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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2008
Mystic Moon Press
226 pages
Romance, Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth Underhill leaves Denver headed for Wallace Flats. After answering a correspondence, she is on her way to marry the man who needs a wife, as well as give her a place to live.

Trey McShannon is a simple man who goes through a mail order agency for a bride. Once she arrives, he wonders if someone as soft and pretty as Beth can live in the untamed territory.

Trey loves the frontier life but after learning the woman he just wed is from a prestigious family, he considers sending her packing. Beth is surprised that almost everyone has heard of her Uncle Robert. Trey met him once at a horse auction and knew he raised racehorses. Beth states since they have entered into an agreement, she intends to fulfill her promise. In no time they develop feelings toward the other. As much as they would love to act upon them, Trey realizes their arrangement is temporary until they decide to make it permanent. Something tells him their strong desire will be hard to keep fighting off.

McShannon’s Chance is a wonderful story. The moment I started reading I could not stop. I adored the characters of Beth and Trey. They make such a sweet couple, both having endured much in their life, and by finding each other have found a way to conquer the terrible things that surround their past. There were many times I was moved by little simple acts that transpired between the two. I loved how Beth wanted to pitch in and help Trey with chores. Jennie Marsland has done an awesome job in creating a lifelike atmosphere in Wallace Flats. The secondary characters blended in well to make this a captivating read with the ambiance of the old west.

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