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Fawn Lake Series
Book 1: Delilah’s Passion
Book 2: Megan's Desire

Fawn Lake Series, Book 2
ISBN: 9781615085323
April 13, 2014
A Renaissance E Book Publication
154 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The dog rescue that started out as a dream is becoming reality for Megan Lewis. It is going to take a ton of work, but for the first time in her life, Megan feels like this is where she is meant to be.

A renovation like this means spending a lot of time with his new employer, which Tate Roberts is definitely okay with. Dog hair, flip flops, and grungy tanks are the norm for this very non-girly girl, and he could not be more attracted.

With The Menagerie up and running, Megan says good-bye to decent meals and full nights of sleep. Despite all of this, she is happier than she ever thought she could be, especially with Tate by her side. He loves the dogs almost as much as she does, although what really attracts her is his ability to be there to boost her up whenever she is overwhelmed. This becomes the problem, however, when Megan feels herself falling for him when she should be devoting every ounce of energy she has to the dogs.

Megan and Tate hit it off like they have known each other for years, trading barbs, insults, and innuendos. Their snarky banter is pretty much foreplay for the fireworks to come. Megan does, however, show her age several times by overreacting and stressing about nearly everything. I really love how Tate keeps her grounded without being condescending and balances out her sometimes obsessive behavior.

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