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Book 1 - The Menopause Murders: Hostage
Book 2 - Menopause Murders: Harem

The Menopause Murders Book 2
ISBN #: 978-1-59705-521-5
August 2010
Wings ePress Books
Trade Paperback
372 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

As a member of a club called Women on Fire, which she and five of her friends formed as a tribute to their menopausal experiences, Lucia Catamonte just wants to take care of her friends and family, which usually translates to cooking for them. She wants to cheer up the residents of the retirement home where her mother-in-law lives, and she is worried about her own marriage and her estranged father's failing health.

The Women on Fire will do almost anything for their loved ones. Theo is a former nun who is newly married but always has time to help others. Meg is a retired forensic specialist, and Dorie is an artistic spousal abuse survivor. Hannah is a freelance reporter with a new love, and the group is rounded out by Ada, a typical queen bee socialite.

When Lucia gets a frantic phone call from her mother-in-law, she chalks it up to the woman's increased dementia, after all who would believe ramblings about a missing roommate, a naked angel and partying nurses? But Lucia soon learns Nonna Rose's roommate has died and the coroner declares it was from unnatural causes. Now the Women on Fire have a mission, they become involved, determined to solve the murder and liven up the lives of the residents at the Golden Haven old-age home.

Eleanor Sullo provides readers with a mature follow-up to her first successful Menopause Murders book. This is not only an entertaining mystery, but it is a fantastic glimpse into the lives of six fabulous women. These ladies are so interesting to read about, each having lived a unique and fulfilling life. This is a story full of love and laughter and hits a deep chord of truth as all the characters are easy to relate to. There is a depth of emotion without bogging the reader down with depression when revealing serious matters. Overall, my favorite part of this story is the strong friendship elements, the affection is almost palpable. The mystery itself is neither too easy nor too hard for the reader to figure out, there are a lot of twists and turns but the clues are all provided. I cannot say that I am looking forward to menopause, but after reading this book, I am not dreading it quite so much, as this unique group of woman prove that love, laughter and life definitely does not end when the birthday candles add up to fifty.

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