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ISBN: 9780307589972/ 9780307589989
March 2011
Broadway Paperbacks
Paperback/ eBook
$14.00/ $9.99
244 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Fearing she will be targeted by his enemies, Princess Margrethe’s father has left her in the care of the abbess. But her monotonous life is about to get more interesting when a stranger is found on the beach after a storm.

All of her life the mermaid Lenia has wanted nothing more than to swim to the surface and see the human world. Finally on her eighteenth birthday she gets her wish only to find herself in the middle of a horrible shipwreck.

Margrethe cannot believe the breathtakingly beautiful creature that has carried a warrior from the sea. Soon she realizes that he is none other than her father’s enemy’s son. Even though she should not feel love for the handsome prince, Margrethe cannot help but fall hard and fast and decides to take desperate measures to get what she wants. What she does not realize is that at the same time Margrethe is trying to seal her own destiny, Lenia is taking drastic movements as well which could very well have deadly consequences for one of them.

Mermaid has a by-line that states a twist on the classic tale and Ms. Turgeon has definitely made this tale her own. While we know the story of The Little Mermaid, this is not a fairytale and will definitely leave you shocked at the repercussions from the actions taken by Lenia and Margrethe. The plot is well written and has the reader feeling as if they can feel the characters’ pains and joys. The descriptive words used for the view of the sea through the eyes of Lenia, as well as the view of the world through Margrethe’s eyes adds depth to this story. This is a very interesting take on the fairytale and has you wondering if maybe this is truly what happened versus the popular happily-ever-after novel.

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