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ISBN#: 1442175257
May 2009
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312 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna believed that there was nothing good left in the world and only wished to die. Out of nowhere comes a man who drags her kicking and screaming back to life.

Kevin has already wrestled with the demons in his life. Anna’s struggle touched him deeply and he realized that through his love for her he finds his reason to forgive himself and truly live.

Anna is unsure if Kevin is enough to save her or if the gods will catch her and exact the ultimate punishment. Anna and Kevin both have secrets, both past and present, which threaten to tear them apart. Time will teach them that only together can they conquer all.

Anna inspires compassion and disgust in equal measures. The reader is forced to look at the realities of the damage caused by death and the resulting guilt. The author ensures that the reader will do some soul searching to determine what is right and when enough is enough. The characters are like phoenixes that have crashed and burned and out of the resulting ashes arise two people stronger for their pain and smarter about their precious life choices. A soul stirring story; well worth reading and reflecting on.

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