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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-69406-8
June 2009
Harlequin Intrigue
211 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Working for a paranormal research group would seem unlikely for someone like Desi Hollyhock, but debunking the so-called supernatural makes her feel vindicated. She deals in facts and numbers, but the fact is, she opened her big mouth one too many times.

Since he was a young boy, Buck Walker knew he was vastly different from the majority of the population. Being able to see and communicate with the deceased is something he learned to hide at a very young age, but the dead never went away, and at times demand his attention.

There is nothing that burns Desi more than someone claiming they are psychic, even if that someone is hands-down the most gorgeous man she has ever met. She has spent most of her adult life trying to keep her sister from giving away a fortune to charlatans like him, but this time she has no explanation for what is happening. Buck knows exactly what Desi thinks of him and his abilities. However, she stirs something so deep in his soul that he willingly puts himself in the line of fire for her. Fear keeps those on patrol alive, but nothing strikes terror in Buck's heart like the Dark Presence Desi unwittingly invites home with her.

I love characters that are admittedly fallible and wonderfully imperfect, and Buck is the most fantastic reluctant hero I have read in a long time. He may be absolutely hunk-a-liscious on the outside, but at heart he is as dorky and corny as the rest of us. He is the perfect antidote for Desi’s “I have to always be right” syndrome and snotty attitude. They make a fabulously fun couple, and I would love to read on with the rest of the Rampart group.

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