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ASIN: B01A63FO81
December 9, 2015
Siren Publishing
190 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Taking a job with the cruise line Midnight Oasis, Sadie Sommers is hoping that this is the break she has been looking for. If everything goes right, someone on board will hear her sing and be able to help her launch her career.

Everything is finally falling into place for Cameron Alexander. The Onyx is ready for its maiden voyage, the woman, whose face and voice he will never forget, will be on board, and the man threatening his family’s business is about to get what he deserves.

Sadie is a little shocked by Cameron’s attention, although she has to admit the attraction is definitely mutual. Getting back into the BDSM scene is scary, considering how bad it went for her before, whereas with Cameron it feels so right. She wants to trust him completely, even though she knows he is holding something back. Having Sadie in his arms is the ultimate dream for Cameron, and it is killing him to know he may destroy it before it can even begin.

Cameron is a typical man whose one-track mind excludes all common sense. He wants Sadie on his ship and in his life, yet the minute she is there he goes right back into warrior mode. With Sadie’s history, she is understandably upset with Cameron’s actions towards her. In my opinion, the ups and downs between Sadie and Cameron are just a little too exaggerated to feel real, especially with the BDSM element.

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