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ISBN# 9781610407779
July 2014
Torquere Pres
228 Pages
GLBT, M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Welcome to the Pack by BA Tortuga

Denver left his pack and his twin long ago; only one could be alpha. They remained in contact though they played the role of rival alphas. Now his twin is gone and the pack needs him to return.

Blaine is easy going with no drive to challenge for pack alpha. That is a good thing when he discovers the new alpha is his mate.

Denver had no idea he would find more at home beyond a fractured pack. Destiny has a way of closing one door to open another, if Denver can survive the coming challenges.

Denver is an extremely strong alpha who loves as deeply as he leads. Blaine is his perfect counterpart as he is meant to love, but will fight when his is threatened. The love story was beautiful and the two sexy men make the sex sizzling.

Oklahoma Rain by Kiernan Kelly

Blaze is the psychic scouter for Darque and Knight paranormal rodeo. He is responsible for scouting locations, but in Oklahoma he finds so much more.

Zack has been on his own for a long time, using his powers to survive, until he saves Mikey from a nightmare and they have been on the run ever since; until Blaze.

Zack and Mikey find a place with the rodeo and Blaze takes them in. Blaze is as hot as his name and before long Zack stops fighting the lure. There is someone watching, determined to exact his revenge, but failed to calculate the difference love makes.

Ms. Kelly offers a look at the unique characters of the Darque and Knight. She creates a love which is rare and lasting while offering a tense drama full of death and love.

Big Bear, Little Bear by Julia Talbot

Ben is a sweet and gentle bear. He suffers a terrible tragedy after rejection from the big bear he is unable to hide his attraction for. Now he is back, but something is still wrong.

Ozzie missed Ben and almost lost the little bear. He will not make the same mistake twice, but something is wrong and when he figures it out, someone will pay.

Ben is excited to have Ozzie in his life, but he misses his bear. He does not understand why he is unable to find his bear, but with Ozzie at his side he can find happiness. Sometimes love can hurt more than it helps. Will Ben figure out who is trying to hurt him before it is too late?

Big Bear, Little Bear is my absolute favorite story though they were all excellent. Ben is a bear after my own heart and Ozzie is a close second. The love between these two leaps off the page and drags the reader right into their lives.

Midnight Rodeo is an outstanding set of stories all set in the Darque and Knight rodeo. The cast of characters is superb and I hope this is not the last for them as there are so many worthy of their own story. I highly recommend the writing of these three truly talented story tellers who provide entertainment with every page. I look forward to a future full of the world of Darque and Knight.

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